Game Farms  

Game Farms: Centrally situated among many game farms Ngulube is the gateway to the Kalahari.  Please feel free to ask reception for more information.

Hiking Trails   Hiking Trails: The area offers some of the North West's finest walks and trails.  The most notable are the medium length Leon Taljaard and Vryburg walks.

Leon Taljaard Nature Reserve  

Leon Taljaard Nature Reserve & Museum: A tranquil reserve 5km from the town of Vryburg. Perfect for a family picnic while watching a variety of wildlife and birdlife.

Taung Heritage Site  

The Taung Heritage Site: It was at these limestone diggings at the old Buxton quarry in 1924 that the lime encrusted skull of a child was unearthed. Prof Raymond Dart, who discovered the skull belonging to an early hominid, named it "Australopithecus africanus" meaning the "southern ape of Africa".

Vryburg Show

  The Vryburg Show: Vryburg hosts South Africa's third largest agricultural show and a series of events dedicated to outdoor activities.